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Keep Your Cool with Regular AC Maintenance in Hamilton

It's often said that the best cure is prevention. Make sure your AC system stays in good working order by calling Aldershot Air Conditioning & Heating Ltd. for regular maintenance. We can create a regular maintenance program that will keep your AC working even through the stickiest summers. If you do experience a breakdown don't worry; we can quickly dispatch a team to assess the problem and make reliable repairs to your system if needed. This includes everything up to a major overhaul.

We offer protection plans and maintenance to make sure your AC unit is ready for summer when you need it. Call us today!


18 Point Air Condition System Inspection and Tune-Up Checklist for $99 + HST

  1. Lubricate moving parts if required
  2. Clean furnace fan
  3. Inspect and adjust blower
  4. Disconnect drain to inspect if it is clear
  5. Wash or replace standard 1" furnace filter
  6. Check freon level
  7. Check operation of thermostat
  8. Tighten and check all electrical connections
  9. Close humidifier bypass and turn off humidistat
  10. Adjust dampers if required
  11. Check fuse/breaker and mark electrical panel
  12. Check for air leaks in plenum and seal
  13. Water test condensation pump
  14. Check outdoor unit is level
  15. Clean outdoor unit from dirt and debris
  16. Visual inspection of refrigerant tubing and insulation
  17. Test unit for noises
  18. Analyze unit's operation and appearance and inform of its efficiency, condition and any necessary recommendations
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